Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a little digi scrappin


As you can see from these four layouts, I like to dabble a little in digital scrapbooking. I also really enjoy altering photos in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. My favorite technique is turning the photo black and white with the exception of one section of the photo to bring out contrast and to allow the focus on the subject.

Red Hook Waterfront, Brooklyn

I love this picture. But there wasn't a great way to take a photo of my son looking at Lady Liberty without the Statue looking as far away as it really was. I added a graffiti-style font to the banister in the same color as the statue using the dropper tool - Liberty, Hope - to bring out a little of the NYC look to photo. Then, I desaturated everything in the photo EXCEPT my son's torso, the words I added and Lady Liberty. VOILA!

This next photo is my dog immediately after some overkill on his haircut from the groomer. Usually you can't really see his red leash. So I again desaturated the entire photo except his collar to create the contrast. Here you see the before and after.



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  1. I love your layouts! They're just awesome. And what a wonderful family you have! Thanks for sharing.


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