Monday, September 13, 2010

Guest Post by Lain Ehmann

Lain Ehmann from the Layout a Day site has graciously agreed to do a guest post on my blog. HOW EXCITING.  When she asked me what I'd like her to write about, I knew right away - scrapping boys and men in a world of pink and cutsie. Thank you Lain for your response and for agreeing to be a guest on my blog.

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Imagine you're sitting down at your craft table, just minding your own business, when all of the sudden, a genie appears in front of you. He is wearing the typical garb of MC Hammer pants and bare chest, and once you get over your shock at seeing this large half-naked being in front of you, putting footprints on your Tim Holtz stamp pads, he issues you a challenge. You are to use pink, polka dots, rhinestones, and flowers on a layout… for BOYS.

If you can do it and like the results, he'll give you a week on a desert island with Hugh Jackman. If you can't, you must forfeit your entire stock of Cosmo Cricket papers and embellishments. Can you do it? Do you dare try?

C'mon, woman! Hugh is at risk here – of COURSE you do it!

After all, you're a scrapbooker. You can do anything!

Now, granted, you probably won't face a situation like this (if you do, I want you to call me – or your doctor -- IMMEDIATELY.) But still, we often face similar challenges. In a world that seems to be overrun with pink, frilly, cutesy, princess-themed scrapbook supplies, we need to eke out a space for our X-Y chromosomed offspring and relations. It IS possible to use "girl" stuff on "boy" pages.

Here are a few tips to help you out:

  1. Choose your pinks carefully. You're better off with a bubblegum (i.e., stronger) pink than a really soft, baby one.
  2. Use hard lines. You're going for a more masculine look, so opt for straight lines and edges, and a more linear approach to your page. This will counteract the other "feminine" elements.
  3. Select embellishments in "man" or "neutral" colors. Notice the flowers on my layout? They're brown. Cool, huh?
  4. Contrast is great. The strips of patterned paper and the brown background balance the pink and the polka dots.
  5. Don't worry so much. Sure, you probably wouldn't put your son in pink polka dots, but if you put his picture on a pink page? No biggie. He'll get over it – and so will you.

Remember that what is "boy" and "girl" is often a matter of interpretation and not an absolute. And if a week with Hugh hangs in the balance? I'm sure you'll do just fine. J

About the author: Lain Ehmann inspires, entertains, and educates her readers (and drools over Hugh) at Stop by to learn how to make your scrapbooking fun, fast, and fabulous!

Here's my take on Lain's post.


  1. Awesome layouts......Rosann I love what you did with your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Those layouts are so beautiful! I loved her tips, because I've never done a pink layout for boys. Going to do it soon.

  3. I have 4 daughters, so scrapping for guys isn't something I do often. It's helpful to have some hints though, and I've been a fan of Lain's for a long time now. What a blessing to have her share! Thanks for the opportunity for a random drawing a well, Rosann!

  4. The pink brings out the skin tones in the photo, and I love the paisley - gender neutral.

  5. I think I will try this. I have two boys, not lot's of pink, but some. I will do a boy page using girly elements. Sounds fun. Thanks.

  6. love lain! thanks for the inspiration :)

  7. Great inspiration for stepping out of our comfort zone and doing something out of the ordinary.
    Love breaking the rules, oh yes, there are not real rules for the scrapbooker, no real right or wrong. Thanks for taking us through the actual layout done in pink for boys and helping us understand how to balance it.


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