Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Find of the Century

Do you have storage facility? How about an attic or basement? Well I visited my storage facility today. I am transitioning out of it and only a few items left, thank goodness. But I picked up a couple of boxes, mostly labeled picture frames and photos. I have to admit that I got a little chill of excitement. It was THE FIND OF MY CENTURY. Granted the century is only 11 years in, but a find nonetheless.

I have recently been thinking about all of my letters. Letter writing is a lost art. When I was 12, I spent the summer in the Dominican Republic. I was only supposed to go there for 21 days with my grandmother and cousin. 3 weeks turned into 2 months and despite a lot of begging and pleading, my parents would not allow me to live there. After my grandmother left, I stayed with my Dad's sister in her home. That summer created a lasting bond and friendship with her that has lasted until today. Granted we no longer write to one another, but we do speak on occasion on the phone and I make sure to send her photos of my son as he grows up.

Oh yes, the point. I found some of my letters. I am almost brought to tears when I think about them. I haven't even touched them yet. I am just happy to have them. It's not all of them. Most are lost. But even if I only find one or 2 in tact, that's enough for me. Having them as a sample means I'll never forget.

So the enxt time you walk by that basement door or that attic staircase or your storage unit, think about making an appointment for yourself to go down/up/in there to find what is really never been lost.

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