Sunday, April 17, 2011

No Pain, No Gain!

First of all, it's still cold and rainy
Second of all, gas prices are bankrupting me.
Third of all, decluttering is painful.

In an attempt to continue the decluttering of my body, today I went to the best aerobics class I've ever been to in years. The instructor said we would be sore on Monday. No such luck. It's almost 1a.m. and I'm SORE now! But the class was awesome. The pain was worth it. It was a free trial class and I am going to join. Saturdays will be my day and supplement a normal workout during the week.

How can I describe this class. Intense. Adrenalin-rush. True work out. Half way through, I felt this sudden emotion. I guess the Adrenalin rush was such that I held back tears. I know it sounds weird but kickboxing is the ultimate anger management system. I guess I've been angrier  than I thought. Anyone and everyone who has pissed me off was on that punching bag. And boy did it feel good. That feeling alone makes the pain worth it. BRING IT!

Check it out:

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