Sunday, December 18, 2011

216 Days and Counting

$40          Trip to the hair salon
$25.00     1 hour in a midtown Manhattan parking lot
$300        New Interview Suit
New job closer to home making more money...PRICELESS!


I am so glad that 2012 is only 2 weeks away. It cannot come fast enough. I am so excited to start a new job that my current colleagues have noted a new bounce in my step, as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. And it has.

Everyone says that change is good, including me. A quote about change has been part of my email signature for a long time.  But DAMN! The changes at work have been stressful and anxiety-ridden. I think I was the most excited for the changes that I knew were coming, but the changes went so over the top that morale has taken a huge dip even among the most optimistic among us. While I am going to miss most of the people I work with, that is all I will miss. I am happy to give up the one-hour plus commute, the huge gas and toll bill,  the early morning alarm and some of the unpleasant feelings that led me to leave my current place of employment. Those who have become important to me and who have developed a friendship with me, will not be lost to me. I am not moving out of state or going hours away. I"m just going into the county next door. I cherish my experiences and I have learned a ton, but alas, it was just...time to go.

So goodbye 2011. And good riddance. 2012, here I come...hitting the ground running and diving in head first. Can you hit the ground running and dive in head first at the same time? Probably not, but you get my point. So "say a little prayer for meeee."

By this time next month, I'll be reporting on how my first 2 weeks at the new job are going. And I have a great new series of posts starting January 12, 2012. So get your cameras ready and do your hair, or not. I am going to encourage those of you who read my blog to develop stronger self confidence and love of self and our imperfections. Trust me you'll love it. But more to come in a month. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

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