Thursday, January 12, 2012

Focusing on Me

It's the 12th of the month and that means my blog post is about, you guessed it, me. I'm focusing on all the ways I can feel better about myself which is not always so easy. I invite you to photograph yourself each month and love yourself.

It's been 10 days since I started my new job and it's going great. Ethan is having a harder time. He went from being chauffeured in the lap of luxury every day to taking the subway and walking 3, very long city blocks to get to his school. Me? I love the change of pace. I'm not especially thrilled about taking the subway, but I do appreciate the fact that my commute doesn't require me to pay much attention to my fellow commuters or red lights. I don't have to worry about road rage, tolls, running on E, or obnoxious drivers.

I do appreciate that I walk 20 blocks roundtrip every day as a result of my commute. I'm starting to feel really good and while I haven't lost weight, yet, I know this is a good start to moving more. I'm actually wearing makeup and blowing up my fro more often - more put together. I was in a rut and that's over. Thank God!

Are you in a rut? Are you down on yourself? Don't be! Take a picture of yourelf and admire your best feature. Just like we have a feature we hate on our bodies, we all have a favorite feature. Focus on that for starters. We'll work on the other body parts later. I focused on my face with these pics with a little creative cropping. I actually like my face. It has it's flaws but they don't drive me too crazy. It's the neck down on I'm working hard on. The 2nd layout is a group of photos that my 4 year old took with my camera or iphone. He always cuts off a piece but overall, not bad!


  1. Great layouts and photos! Love your idea. Had DH take photos of me today...we'll see if I actually get them scrapped. LOL

  2. AWesome layouts! I still need to join in this little challenge! EEPS! Oh and I recognized your blog on my blog with a "liebster award"


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