Friday, April 20, 2012

337 longer days into 40

Wow, there are only 5 weeks left in my 40th year. Chronicling 40 this way may have just made it go a little faster. Not sure. But this exercise has certainly been one of reflection, allowing me to understand who I am, where I've been and what the journey to the future may hold.

So what has the last four weeks taught me about being 40? That as soon as you hit 40, you suddenly have a lot of doctors to visit. Forget the normal stuff you have to do yearly. There are new doctors to add to the medical portfolio. And every test had to have been invented by a man!!!! There is absolutely nothing natural about a mammogram. I mean really!?! And fertility tests. OMG! My tests included several date- specific tests including about a dozen vials of blood, and a couple of uncomfortable exams.

A man's tests? 1 of them, which from my point of view, does not compare to what we women have to go through.

Results? Surprise! You're 40 and so are your ovaries. Getting pregnant is harder. What does this mean? I don't know yet. My time has passed and I am not particularly interested in painful fertility treatments. Maybe exploring adoption is the best route to take. There are so many children right next door who need a home. We'll see! To be continued....

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