Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Finally - My One Little Word

I finally decided on my one little word. I wasn't sure if I would participate in this "call" because I just couldn't click with any one word. Adventure? Nah! Try? Eh! Then today it hit me. I've been working on this my whole life but have made some strides in 2010. AND I have some things happening in 2011 that will really push me further toward this. DECLUTTER! I am striving to declutter and not just in the traditional way. Yes, the first and primary decluttering goal is the real way to declutter - organize the house, the closet, my office, my files, etc. Great. We're getting there. We, meaning ME! Hubby ain't on board. But I also want to declutter my body. So yes, it's a round about way of saying I want to get healthy, but hey it's my one little word right! So in ernest I have already begun the decluttering physically and spatially. Wish me luck.

START HERE: http://www.oprah.com/home/Peter-Walshs-10-Tips-to-De-Clutter-Your-Home

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