Tuesday, September 20, 2011

120 Days and Counting

I am 3 days late in writing my monthly reflection. It's writer's block. I was uninspired. But I think that has changed. I ordered a book titled "I Am Her" on the recommendation of a blogger whose blog I enjoy reading. She's issued a challenge: write a series of “she” statements about yourself and answer them with a resolute “I am her.” I pass the challenge on to those of you reading this to help you explore who you are, for better or worse. All of the people who comment on my blog are women. But i you're not, feel free to answer with a resolute, "I am him." It all counts.
  • She is constantly exploring who she is and what she wants out of life.
  • She is well aware of her imperfections and always wondering if it's worth trying to correct them.
  • She embraces imperfection.
  • She is working hard to reduce clutter in her life and is having a hard time succeeding in this task.
  • She believes strongly in balance.
  • She doesn't believe in workaholism.
  • She doesn't believe in losing herself so completely in family obligations that she forgets to take care of herself.
  • She has an unfinished goal or two.
  • She loves her family dearly and unconditionally.
  • She is a lipstick feminist.
  • She is a wannabe Renaissance woman, dabbling in a little bit of everything as it catches her interests.

Photos of the Month

New landscaping on campus thanks to Hurricane Irene.

First time at soccer.

First scrimmage is about to begin.

Flagged for un-sportsman-like behavior.

Nice Surprise. Tio Eric joined us at the soccer field.

He's going to be taller than me very soon.

He's such a ham! I didn't pose him. He did that all by himself.

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  1. Rosann,

    I LOVE your she list. Thanks for passing the challenge on!!


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