Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week in the Life and LUSH slideshow

It's been a busy week between work, home, the commute and a few side projects I have got going on. But I committed to Ali Edwards' Week in the Life project. I got off to a slow start but by Thursday and Friday, the documentation and photo taking was well under way.

I attended my boss's retirement party on Friday and I gave her a scrapbook of snippets of her 38 years on the job....yes the same job for 38 years. A title change here and there but 38 years none the less. She left quite the legacy and quite the mark and it will be a really challenge (good and bad) to adjust when she leaves. In any case, I finally got the opportunity to use the LUSH kit from My Mind's Eye. I outdid myself if I do say so myself.

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