Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week in the Life - September 13

I finally made a visit to my son's school. The Headmaster/Parent Forum is every Friday from 8:30 am to 10 am. First I will say the format of these meetings is impressive as was the attendance and the diversity of the families. That was a pleasant surprise. It was a safe space and a very respectful event. The Headmaster is sensitive to the needs of the parents and is dedicated to making the school's model work in spite of the obstacles of the NYC public school system. Mood Chart.

I of course voiced my concerns about the busing system. It is an absolutely poor mess. There is no reason why things should not go smoothly considering that the busing system is over 40 years old. You would think it would be a well oiled machine by now. There is a ridiculous policy that children, no matter what age, may be let off the bus whether or not there is an adult awaiting them. Children as young as 4 years ols ride these buses. The parents at the forum were up to the challenge of getting such a ridiculously irresponsible and possibly illegal policy changed. My hope is restored after such a terrible busing week.

I decided not to drive, which is a first. I took a cab to the school and the subway to work. Never been on the 3 train before.

When I got off the subway at Columbus Circle, I decided to walk around the mall and see if Kris was available for lunch. She wasn't but there was some yummy eye candy in 2 of my fave stores...Cole Haan and Coach.


Oh and I found two pieces that I want for my new kitchen from Williams Sonoma. More yumminess. A stove and an island. They are perfect for my vision.

As I arrived on campus, I got my first real look at the 9/11 memorial. I find it to be in such a strange location, thought I understood why they chose it. It seems too sacred to be so public if that makes sense and it's depressing to have to pass it day in and day out.

To end the day and a very very very long week, I headed to happy hour with a handful of colleagues. It was a nice way to end the week and get to know a few folks on a different level.

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