Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chicago Part I

So I spent the entire week in Chicago last week, 75% business and 25% pleasure. My conference was awesome and my little word - REFLECTION - kept following me around. In my profession, we deal with young people every day asking them to REFLECT about their actions and think hard about the choices they make. I learned about some wonderful theories and techniques for helping students reach their greatest potential. God knows I've made a ton of mistakes and would love others to learn from them instead of repeat them. I shared best practices with people in my position around the country. And most compelling, was one of the week's keynote speakers. I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Sr. Helen Prejean, the woman who is the subject of the film "Dead Man Walking," that starred Sean Penn and won Susan Sarandon and Oscar for best actress. Sr. Helen was truly inspiring. No matter what you may feel about the death penalty, she certainly makes you think about what it represents, how it is used, who is most affected by it and how to stop the death of innocents, which by the way is the title of her second book. I know this isn't the most scrap-tabulous conversation but I find myself inspired by another blogger, Pinky, whose blog is Dirty Scraps. Her banner reads, "Life is dirty. It's ok to scrap life as it is, as it was, as you see it. Be a dirty girl. Scrap the dirt!!! Some time reflection is dirty.

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