Monday, March 29, 2010

Scrapaway Weekend

Who knew?!? A weekend filled with ONLY scrapping? Well I went to my first ever scrapbook weekend in upstate NY and it was so much fun. The creativity flowing through everyone was so inspiring. Getting to know various women (and one man) from all over New York was a great experience. Everyone is just so different in fabulous ways. From a master puppeteer, to a Starbucks addict to someone who got engaged outside St. Patrick's Cathedral, the diversity of the people at the event was so awesome. It didn't hurt that we were in the Catskills looking down on the beautiful Hudson Valley. I can imagine how gorgeous that area must be during the fall when the leaves are changing color or in the summer when everything is in bloom or even the winter when the fresh snow falls - though it would be killer to drive up there during snow - and that hairpin turn!

I have to give a fat shout out and thank you to Tracey Kuzemczak of ukemamadesigns for putting all of this together and staying awake and patient with all of us. She brought ALL of her stuff so we wouldn't have to. I must also shout out and thank Ms. Karina, her p
artner in scrapbooking crime. The ideas were just flowing out of her and she helped me create my best layout of the weekend.

Individual Shout Outs:Jen -I LOVED the make and take.Crystal - You really need to publish a book of your cards and a how to section. You do beautiful work.
Deb - Your daughter is a lucky lady. Those wedding invitations are absolutely gorgeous.
Ellie - Thanks for letting me raid your stash of embossing powder. I promise to be better prepared next time.
Lesia and Anna - I'll take Ukranian History lessons from you ladies any day. I learned so much from you and I am grateful to know more about other cultures.
Christine, Kathleen and Sue - I want to sit next to you ladies again next time. I love all of the random thoughts that spewed (spelling?) out of Sue. And Christine and
Kathleen, you are what all mothers and daughters should be to one another.
Danielle - Can you bring Rice Krispies next time :) LOLDenise - You do a great boom boom pow.
Lisa - Thank you, Thank you for remembering me and my request for the Choo Choo stamp set. It was my best layout.
Jeannine - I'll expect you to be a cricut expert at the next crop and I LOVED the fireman layout. Loved it.

I'm sorry if I left you out. It just means that I'll be looking forward to getting to know you better at the next event. Be afraid. Be very afraid. :) You are all an inspirational group of women (and man) and I look forward to getting creative with you all in the future.

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  1. Had a great time getting to know you too! It was a great time!


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