Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Little Word is following me

In an earlier post I discussed how I chose "Reflection" as my little word (see Ali Edwards blog). Well right now, I am at a professional Conference in Chicago and today's session was all about, guess....REFLECTION. The concept is part of theory called Positive Student Development which is developing out of the concept of Positive Psychology. The idea is to use characteristics of qualities like hope, curiosity and compassion to really help develop the whole person. Reflection is a big part of this. Journaling is also part of this.

I've never been a big Dear Diary type of girl. But have always wanted to be that girl who wrote about her day everyday. Well journalling on scrap pages and blogging is perfect for me. Today's presenter was also discussing mindfulness as part of the student development process. She basically said that on some level technology is a thief of mindfulness. And on some levels she is right. Someone can be yelling fire and the world will pass by with their white ear buds, oblivious to the smoke in their peripheral vision. But I would argue that balance is part of wellness and this balance is the underlying characteristic for human development. For me, technology as increase my mindfulness and my ability to reflect.

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