Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Be Brave

This month's Clique Kits theme and challenge is BE BRAVE. May is the perfect month to express that least for me. First, I had the honor of participating in John Jay College's Justice Awards Ceremony. It was beautiful and the honoree was Elie Wiesel. He epitomizes what it means to be brave. His message was simple: being brave is as simple as as remembering what has happened so that it doesn't happen again. Being brave means NOT being a bystander. His storytelling is brave. His message is brave. His life story is one of bravery.

My next layout is not so noble. It's more UN-BRAVE than anything else. I was celebrating an old friend's birthday in a Cigar Lounge on a Saturday evening!!!! That was my first mistake. I gave in to the peer pressure and tried a cigar. It was fun while I was there. But then it caught up to me. I got extremely sick the next day and wasn't fully recovered even by Monday. Can you say, Never Again?!? Don't let the photos fool you. That was in the moment. I didn't take photos Sunday. Just say no to all tobacco.

Thanks for stopping by. You are at the end of the road. If you started here, make your way back to Clique Kits. I know you can't wait to see what June has in store. I know I can't.