Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wild and Free

Hello, Hello Everyone,
So glad to be here this month, but oh so sad that it's the end of summer. I have so many summer photos to scrap so I'll just have to keep scrapping summer throughout the fall to extend the season.

So this month I did 2 layouts and a card. I hope you enjoy. I'll start with the card which is really only done with some scrap as the the background paper. The rest of the stuff are left over goodies from previous kits. I really loved this green paper and I wanted to use every strip and scrap I had left. The card is for my boss's bday, a lady I greatly admire. I want it to represent her as a classic beauty and a classy lady. I just hope she doesn't take the vintage look as a your-getting-old card...because that's not how I mean it. So if it reads that way, tell me so I can make her something different.

Next is a layout from my birthday. It happened to fall on a Saturday and we made dinner plans at The Palm Restaurant in Tribeca with 2 other couples....our partners in crime for years. In any case, I was feeling pretty and I experimented with blue eye shadow (which I NEVER do)...but hey I'm 43 so why should I care what anyone thinks anymore right? So there's the photo bomber in the background giving me all his 'tude and huffin' and puffin' about being photographed. He hates being in pictures. I mean hates it. As you can tell, I didn't care. "Say Cheese, honey!" I probably should have made the title bigger but oh well. I was fine with the look of it overall. I think the photos speak for themselves. He is genuinely annoyed! Hilarious.

Sun Kissed
Finally here's a layout from just last week at Coney Island. I really liked how the sun rays streaked the photo, by no fault or plan of my own. I put a soft, little filter on it and used a free app to add a doodled frame, the title and some lips. It's a classic bye-bye-summer, bye-bye-beach photo. Unlike his father, my son LOVES to be in pictures, he loves to take pictures and he absolutely loves taking selfies. A boy after my own heart. Loving the pink and green and polka dots. 

Thanks for visiting. Here's the rest of the line up. So mozie (is that how you spell that?) on over to Tyra as she's the last stop on the hop. Enjoy these last 2 weeks of summer and hopefully I'll see you in September.

Rosann ------- ME
Tyra -------- NEXT