Thursday, October 20, 2011

150 days

Top 5 Things a Woman (i.e. ME) Should Know before Turning 40 (and didn't)!
  1. Bra Fitting - Really? It took 40 years to get a proper bra fitting? It should be on the agenda with the birds and the bees conversation.
  2. 5% chance of getting prego at age 40 - TMI you say? I feel it's important to educate my fellow 40 year olds. 5%? Well at 20 it only 25%. At least that's what the Today Show "experts" said. But at 20, the energy levels are at 100% and at 40 energy is barely at 25%. I'll leave it at that because I know you know what I'm talking about!
  3. After you turn 40, it's harder to get a new job. And that is not necessarily due to do the economy. So make sure you moisturize. It keeps you looking young. If you look 30 when you interview, you should be fine because they aren't allowed to ask your age in an interview.
  4. It's harder to walk in heels. At least in my case. Maybe that's just me and my larger posterior, but I just can't last in heels as long as I could have even 5 years ago. I love my heels and refuse to part with them for a new collection of Easy Spirit sensible shoes. I just can't do it. I already have a few pairs of Minnetonkas and that's bad enough!
  5. I love TV. And I love sleep. How are these things related you ask? I can barely stay up past 10 pm and that's when some of my favorite shows are on. Thank you DVR inventor! I can't sleep past 7 or 8 am on the weekends.  So you see I can't fully enjoy my prime time TV shows and I can't get the proper rest on weekends. This, I believe, is a consequence of getting older (not old), just older!
So why is this important? I wasn't sure at first. But as I asked myself this question, I opened my new little book that I used to write my last post for inspiration and the first page to open said:


My ladies over 40, be sure to drink to that. Toast your extraordinary selves. We were extraordinary at 20 and 30 so logic tells me, you are just (if not more) extraordinary at 40. CHEERS!

Picture of the Month

This kid is turning into quite the car guy.
He made a bee line right for the Mustang and struck a pose.
And YES, he's ONLY 4!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just a thought.

“Instead of complaining that the rose bush is full of thorns, be happy the thorn bush has roses.” -Proverb

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