Saturday, May 7, 2011

Countdown to 40 and Fabulous - 10

May 7th - 10 days to 40.

What does 40 mean to me right now? It means taking steps to reevaluate my career goals. It means possibly having another baby. It means continuing to work on my marriage and other relationships that are important to me. It means being a good parent, a good friend, a good wife, daughter and sister. It also means being a better person and doing more for others, professionally and civically.

As I move closer to a new decade in my life, I have become more and more reflective about where I've been and I where I want to go. Sounds corny, I know! But it's true. We all approach milestones that makes us say hmmmm. It could be parenthood, the loss of a job or getting a new job, starting or finishing school. For me right now, it's all about turning 40. Many people don't think birthdays are a big deal - age ain't nothing but a number right? WRONG!? There are different expectations at home, at work, in society. HELLO, your body changes. Your abilities in certain areas decrease (liking staying awake past 10pm), while they increase in others (being wiser and better at a variety of things due to experience).

So over the next 10 days, I'll be reflecting about lots of things. I'll be reflecting on current events, relationships (past and present), where I find acceptance and I'll even be conducting an interview with myself. Hey why not? It's not like Oprah is knocking on my door wanting to interview your average girl next door. So I'll do it myself. I hope you will continue to join me on this little journey of self reflection. Feel free to comment and dialogue with me during this time.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I've never told you this but, I've secretly always have looked up to you. You are such an inspirational role model and I love that I have had access to your beautiful personality and self. I always think back to the day mami and papi met with you at the citibank on Fordham by where alexander's used to be and you took me and Daphne up to Galleria in White Plains. We tried on so many clothes that day I had a blast. So thank you for one of the best childhood memories I have experienced.

  2. Thank you cuz. This is such a sweet memory.thank you for reminding me about it. It seems like a life time ago.


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