Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Summer Summer

Tomorrow is commencement at the College I work for. With commencement comes a very long weekend and the start of the summer "break." There are 15 weekends from Memorial Weekend to Labor Day Weekend. 12 of those weekends are available to me. 2 of those weekends I plan on being on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean.

For Memorial Weekend I don't have any plans outside of a little rest and relaxation. I am hoping to be somewhere in the Caribbean in June. And the last 3 weekends of the summer are really busy times for me at work. I don't plan on doing too much for those weekends. That leaves me with a nice round number - 10. 10 weekends to hang out and explore and be spontaneous, weather and finances permitting. And NY being the great place that it is has plenty of free and indoor activities, so I don't anticipate those obstacles factoring in too much. So here are the Top 10 things I would like to do this summer, in no particular oder. And you know I'll take my blog readers along with me.

1. Must hit the beach. I count it only once, but realistically speaking, I could go to the beach every Sunday, yes? YES! Sunken Meadow Park in Suffolk, LI is really nice and right on the Sound. It is much better than Jones or Orchard Beaches. At least in my opinion.

2. I really want to hit an amusement park this summer. I am thinking Sesame Place because Ethan really enjoyed it last year, but I am open to 6 flags or a water park. Ethan has come a long way in his swimming and I think it would be great for him to be out there practicing his backstroke.

3. I really REALLY want to get to a hot air balloon festival. There is one in NJ at the end of July. I have marked my calendar. And it will be great if I can convince Ron to get on with me. There's also one in mid-September in the Adirondacks. I might hit that one instead since I have some friends up that way. We'll see how it goes.

4. I have my Zoo membership so I'll need to take advantage of that donation.

5. On a rainy day, I'll take advantage of my memberships to El Museo del Barrio and The Museum of Natural History.

6. Way back when, when I was cuter, smaller and single, I would hit that Puerto Rican Parade HARD. You all know exactly what I am talking about. It was a lot of fun. But now that I'm 40, married and peri-menopausal (can't take the June heat the way I once could). I'll have to go in the opposite direction and stay on this side of the bridge. So PR weekend, I'll probably be at the Brooklyn Children's Museum or the Prospect Park Carousel. We love merry-go-rounds around here.

6. I have weekend plans in August with my partners in crime - "the girls." We're hitting Riverhead for some wine tasting and shopping. I'll have to check if it's a payday weekend.

7. I want to take a weekend trip to Timothy Lake in the Poconos and drag some friends along. My parents have a time share and the resort is so much fun for big kids and little kids alike. There's also some cool shopping - home made candle store and antiquing. I used to shop for shoes. Now I shop for antiques.

8. My son loves boats and helicopters. I think he's too young for the helicopter so I am thinking of taking one of those touristy boat rides along the Hudson. I'm thinking the speedboat over the Circle Line. I'll have to think that over.

9. I thought I'd try a day trip over to Governor's Island. I have a colleague who swears by it and recommended I head over there. Why not?
10. I want to take an overnight trip to Mystic, CT. I've already been to Norwalk's Children's Museum and Aquarium. So I think I will go further north and see what Mystic has to offer. I went once in elementary school. I bet there's a lot more now.

So that's the top 10 list. None of it is set in stone and I am open to suggestions. So bring it on. Now that I have written it down, you know what that means. I have to do it. Can't wait.

Have a great Memorial Weekend Everyone.

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  1. I look forward to reading your future posts after you have completed your summer list. If you can make it to the Caribbean please visit the beach, nothing like clear blue water in the tropics! :-)


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