Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Countdown to 40 and Fabulous - 6

May 10th - 6 days to 40.

Before I begin, I have to say that I am truly overwhelmed by the positive responses and comments that I have received. I love that this has become so interactive and that everyone has something to contribute. For those of you who are 40 or plus, thanks for being so welcoming into the 40 club. Happy to be here. When is the first meeting? haha.

So today, I read an email from one of my crafty membership sites that talked about God's creation of color. The author of the email was referring to colors as they appear in nature and how we often take flowers and animals and the blue sky for granted. Well I thought of taking this concept of color a step further.

God's creation of color and the colors that we as human beings come in are not always appreciated. So much of our identity is based on our color, no? So much so that we use black and white (names of colors) to define race relations. Well don't worry, this isn't going to be a manifesto on race and identity. Quite the opposite. So let me get to the point.

I completely identify as Latina. I have sub-identities like mother, wife, sister, daughter, Director, Dominican, American, Dominican-American. But I have to say that since I was about 17 or 18 years old, that "label" has been one that I am very comfortable with and happy to adopt. Of course there comes the burden of being the "in-house" Latina at your job or at your school (if diversity is iffy) or in your kid's play group. But I am really ok with that. I know, I know. My race is human. I get that as part of the big picture. But for me, Latina encompasses who I am. PERIOD! I like how it sounds. I like what it means. I like my color, my hair, all of it. It didn't happen over night. Took 40 years :) But that's why I am feeling more and more comfortable with being 40. It's fabulous to really know myself. I know who I am. I like who I am. I love what I do. I am happy with the people I have chosen to spend my time with. Don't get me wrong, i LOVED being 25 too. But 40 is a close second.


  1. Forty is great. 60 ain't so bad either! I'm glad I have been following along on this little journey of yours...I just had a great idea for a journal page. Thanks!!
    Save me a piece of cake!!

  2. *shaking head*

    They don't call me Scatter for nothing.

    I meant to add that I loved the post!!

  3. Hey! Beautiful post and Beautiful Brooklyn Girl next door LOL. I absolutely love the video of your Baby dancing. OMGoodness I think I have to watch it every morning to start my day off right! What a little Hamburger, he was working the WHOLE dance floor - LOVE IT! Thank you so much for sharing that!


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