Sunday, December 19, 2010

Art Journaling Class

I just got back from an incredible "Intro to Art Journaling" class at Portrait Bug in Manhattan. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer was the instructor and she is a great teacher. She has a laid back, patient and non-intimidating teaching style that even the person who can barely draw a stick figure would feel comfortable with. Julie said she's going to be starting a daily series on her blog encouraging everyone to do a little art journaling everyday. I am looking forward to January 1st already.

There was also a great group of ladies taking the class. Everyone brought something unique to the table and we all agreed it was great to get out of the house and spend a little creative time with one another.

Here are some examples of the fabulous work my fellow classmates created.


  1. What a pleasure to have you in class today! Thank you so much for coming!

  2. Great pictures! I am thinking about joining Art Journaling every day, too...;-))


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